The Albums on this web site are collected together in groups of various types. First there are those albums that contain collections of tracks in the chronological order they were composed and created. These all have titles such as ‘Driving Home’, ‘Bringing Hope’, ‘Fairy Wings’ etc. Every one of these albums contain a majority of what could be considered relaxing, chillout tracks, plus there is always at least one orchestral based composition and one or two funky tracks (something with a bit more of a groove). Every now and then I also throw in an ambient track taking you on a mystical journey through soundscapes of the mind.


Then there are generic categories like ‘Funky Groove’, ‘Ultimate Relax’, ’Piano & Orchestra’ etc. where the content is composed of collections of tracks from the chronological albums that fit perfectly together under these generic headings. This provides specific styles of musical compositions conveniently grouped together, making it easy to select just that category of music you are looking for.


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This months track is "Suspended Animation" from the recently added 'A Cat Named Smidge' album - Enjoy listening and downloading...

      Suspended Animation
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 Hope Will Always Find A Way
10 Tracks Running Time 60 min 28 sec
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Album 15 in the series of collections that features a variety of compositions, presented in the order that they were composed & created.


The title track was composed following the terrible earth quake and tsunami in Japan, dedicated to its people and sold online as a single track for $1, all proceeds being donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Hope is all that many people have left, hope that their homes will soon be rebuilt, hope that they will be able to return to them (radiation permitting), hope that the future will be better for them, hope that once again normality will return to their homes and villages, hope that there is never another event like this – ever.


‘And So It Began’  is the perfect laid back, chillout track – ‘New Lives For Old’ is the theme for a film idea I had and is mainly piano & orchestra. ‘Sharing’ is the first funky contribution on this album followed by ‘Jazz Funk 1’, the second. Tracks 6 & 7 are piano based re-visits to two of my earlier compositions. The Asian influenced ‘Bombay Jazz Club’ leads to a lilting Flute/orchestra composition with the appropriately titled ‘A Smile Lights Up The World’. Album 15 is rounded off with a gentle Walk Home.


Composed and recorded by Clive at his home in exotic Bali. Bali always has been and will no doubt continue to be a very popular holiday destination for many Japanese and it is this connection that makes my dedication so much more appropriate.

Track Listing
Hope Will Always Find A Way
And So It Began
New Lives For Old (theme)
Sharing is Caring Too
Jazz Funk 1
Try Your Luck (piano)
Just One More Time (piano)
Bombay Jazz Club
A Smile Lights up the World
Walking Home

Sample Tracks
And So It Began

Just One More Time (piano)