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There are now 64 full length tracks that you can listen to for FREE - That is over 4 hours of music available for you to sample - 2 tracks per album.This web site is about relaxing chillout/lounge style music created by Clive Button - providing calm within a hectic world.


There are currently 32 (24/06/14) albums available online and more to be added throughout the year. Click on any cover picture in the album selector below and full details will be shown along with 2 x full length sample tracks to listen to. Each track is roughly 5 mins so in total there is over 4 hours of free music to sample here... Enjoy.... - There are two ways of using this web site - 


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I am a ‘Sound Designer’ – I designed the very first drum machine in the world that interfaced to a personal computer (pre MIDI). I designed virtually all the famous products of amplifier manufacturer Trace Elliot. I designed the main product range for Ashdown amplification. I have designed electronic instruments, studio equipment, mixing desks, effect pedals, electronic drums and many other devices over the years. As such I am very familiar with the use of all these devices, however being a Musician first and foremost I now spend most of my time designing SOUND for TV & Movies and for the pleasure of anybody else that wants to listen, under the banner of Chillout Lounge Music.


All the music on this web site has been lovingly created by me - Clive Button at my home in exotic Bali. A great deal of the calming influence present in much of the composition is drawn directly from the serenity of this Balinese style home which stands alone at the top of a plateau overlooking the sea and is surrounded by terraced rice fields on one side and a river in a deep gorge on the other.

Everywhere is green, all year round and the landscape is always stunning. Life here is truly in tune with nature, birds and butterflies abound throughout the fruit tree filled tropical gardens with brightly coloured Kingfishers swooping down to the fast flowing river where monitor lizards can be seen taking a daily dip or sunning themselves on a rock.

Bali itself is another great inspiration with the gentle Balinese people carrying out their daily Hindu offerings throughout the island and colourful ceremonies occurring almost daily. A tradition that has continued here for hundreds if not thousands of years creating a flower filled island (flowers being used in all offerings and ceremonies) with thousands of temples. Many of these are filled with exquisite wood and stone carvings displaying the inherent creativeness in all Balinese.


The music offered here is mostly instrumental, cool, lounge style ‘chill out’ material intended to invoke warm, comforting feelings. It never shocks but gently soothes.

The emotional feelings created within the listener by these musical compositions is as far removed from urban chaos as you could possibly get, it is intended to take you out of yourself for a while, away from your office and your job, away from the pressures of everyday life. It is by no means high energy but gently relaxing engendering feelings of well being and encouraging the listener to close their eyes, go with the flow and float away from the troubles of the world on a magic carpet of imagination. Rhythm and often simple melodies are used in inventive ways to create beautiful music that is both refined and relaxing.


These musical journeys involve a myriad of complimentary rhythmic and pulsating musical phrases plus effects that come together to totally surround the listener with a world of magical fantasy. This is total escapism, hallucinatory drugs administered through the auditory system.

All tracks have rhythm, some gently pulsating and others with a definite groove but the one thing they have in common is their down tempo, laid back feel and the use of refined sounds created and designed to please rather than shock or attack the ears. Real instruments are often mixed with fantasy and synthetic sounds providing comfort in the familiarity of the real whilst taking you on a mystery tour through new and possibly unfamiliar territory with a myriad of sensory delights. Effects such as reverb, echo, delay, sweeping filters and a vocoder or two are used as musically creative parts within the compositions along with constant movement of instrumental phrases throughout the soundscape.


It is so important to me that the quality of sound is the best it can possibly be in every respect and in every track. Great effort is taken in the creation, mixing and encoding of this music to provide the ultimate in sound quality with clear, crisp, precise sounds with a clarity and definition that I can be proud of and the listener is sure to appreciate.

Each Album collection has 2 x full length sample tracks for you to listen to in order to sample the music available.


A lot of time is spent in creating just the right sound for every track. From careful tweaking of the instrument sounds used in order that they fit exactly the mood of the composition all the way through to the rhythmic content and the way it all fits together. Very often I go back removing and adjusting those elements that do not in my opinion gel in just the right way. Every stage is carefully listened to in precise detail until I am completely happy with every aspect of every composition.


The Albums on this web site are collected together in groups of various types. First there are those albums that contain collections of tracks in the chronological order they were composed and created. These all have titles such as ‘Driving Home’, ‘Bringing Hope’, ‘Fairy Wings’ etc. Every one of these albums contain a majority of what could be considered relaxing, chillout tracks, plus there is always at least one orchestral based composition and one or two funky tracks (something with a bit more of a groove). Every now and then I also throw in an ambient track taking you on a mystical journey through soundscapes of the mind.


Then there are generic categories like ‘Funky Groove’, ‘Ultimate Relax’, ’Piano & Orchestra’ etc. where the content is composed of collections of tracks from the chronological albums that fit perfectly together under these generic headings. This provides specific styles of musical compositions conveniently grouped together, making it easy to select just that category of music you are looking for. 

Personal Experience

With the extensive use of MP3 playing devices music is now being experienced by many people almost exclusively through headphones/ear buds etc. This provides a very personal listening experience which is totally different from hearing the same music through loudspeakers. Because of this modern but undeniable phenomenon all compositions presented here have been created exclusively using headphones/ear buds and consequently tailored specifically to sound at their best through these devices, the reproduction through speakers being a secondary consideration.


It is therefore recommended that you use a good pair of headphones to reproduce the finer intricacies contained within these tracks as all compositions have been created to involve and envelope the listener in a sea of sound for a unique personal experience. Headphones will put you centre stage and very often totally surround you with lush textures whirling in every direction.

The best way is to try a number of different headsets/headphones/ear buds as these vary so much from one to another and a good pair will make such a tremendous difference to the quality of sound you enjoy. Not just for these tracks but for all of your music.

Try to get a pair of headphones that have clarity and definition as well as a decent bass response (not too much either). If you have a very good pair of headphones you should not need to use any additional EQ or tone modification such as bass boost, or the kind of pre-set EQ’s called Jazz, Pop, Rock etc. Turn all of these OFF for a natural sound. This music is intended to be listened to without any additional sound modifications. Try to avoid listening to any music through Laptop speakers. These are so tiny they do not do justice to any kind of music at all.


A lot has been said about encoding songs into MP3 format and it is usually mentioned that the higher the Bit Rate then the better the quality of the conversion. This however, as is often the case with technical details being relayed to the public, is only part of the story. The speed of the encoding or conversion in fact has a lot more to do with the eventual quality of the MP3 track than the actual Bit Rate. Slower speed encoding = more accurate conversion.


All my tracks are converted at the slowest speed possible, speed of conversion is no problem for me however long it takes, just as long as the end results are the best they can be. Quality is the most important aspect when it comes to my music - only the best will do....

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 Hope Will Always Find A Way
10 Tracks Running Time 60 min 28 sec
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Album 15 in the series of collections that features a variety of compositions, presented in the order that they were composed & created.


The title track was composed following the terrible earth quake and tsunami in Japan, dedicated to its people and sold online as a single track for $1, all proceeds being donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Hope is all that many people have left, hope that their homes will soon be rebuilt, hope that they will be able to return to them (radiation permitting), hope that the future will be better for them, hope that once again normality will return to their homes and villages, hope that there is never another event like this – ever.


‘And So It Began’  is the perfect laid back, chillout track – ‘New Lives For Old’ is the theme for a film idea I had and is mainly piano & orchestra. ‘Sharing’ is the first funky contribution on this album followed by ‘Jazz Funk 1’, the second. Tracks 6 & 7 are piano based re-visits to two of my earlier compositions. The Asian influenced ‘Bombay Jazz Club’ leads to a lilting Flute/orchestra composition with the appropriately titled ‘A Smile Lights Up The World’. Album 15 is rounded off with a gentle Walk Home.


Composed and recorded by Clive at his home in exotic Bali. Bali always has been and will no doubt continue to be a very popular holiday destination for many Japanese and it is this connection that makes my dedication so much more appropriate.

Track Listing
Hope Will Always Find A Way
And So It Began
New Lives For Old (theme)
Sharing is Caring Too
Jazz Funk 1
Try Your Luck (piano)
Just One More Time (piano)
Bombay Jazz Club
A Smile Lights up the World
Walking Home

Sample Tracks
And So It Began

Just One More Time (piano)
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All music tracks from are in MP3 format and can be played on any MP3-capable device, including iPods, Zunes, Zens, iPhones, RAZRs, BlackBerrys etc. and most media-enabled mobile phones.

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